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When was the last time that he sang karaoke in his previous life?

If only they’d known earlier that these four ‘gods of the plague’ would come today, they’d rather have directly closed down for the day, to avoid this calamity.

The human heart could be a very materialistic thing sometimes. Prior fame and contribution became quite flimsy when viewed through the lens of reality and one’s own interest. Many might admire young lord Zhen deeply and be sympathetic to his plight out of everything he’d done, but when push came to shove, they might not necessarily support him.

Wait. It seems that I am mistaken…this Tetsu Choroichi is the devil.

NBC Radio and Television, Today: 43 million viewers

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Gu Xijiu ignored the bracelet. It became evident that she had been doing this kind of thing in the past. In just a moment, everything was restored to its original state and condition. Even the Frozen Jade Bed had been covered with dust again.

To murder the zealot who pushed her mother into religion, and sooner or later, end her own mother.

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