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The people by the side muttered.

Linley patted Taylor on the head, a smile on his face. Linley had always felt a hint of guilt towards Taylor. A person’s childhood…was the most important period to them in their development, but he, Linley, had never had much time to spend with his son.

They did not care whether Xiao Chen really had the Blood Spirit Flowers or not.

Seeing this, Shi Feng activated Flame Burst. With light steps, he easily evaded the Crimson Rhinoceros’s charge and slashed the Chieftain’s back.

Currently, both the evolvers on earth and the large crowd of descenders from the outer-region who had gathered here felt complicated emotions. They felt that this kind of auspicious omen indicated that Chu Feng’s fate was extraordinary and that he was likely the true heaven’s chosen.

Mu Chengxue’s expression turned grave. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes. He intended to make use of the opportunity.

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The three young men shouted loudly to the truck driver to pay money, saying that he didn’t stop and he didn’t wait for the traffic lights to be green.