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On the ground, arcane particles blossomed outwards like a flower as they combined with arcane energy and turned a deathly gray color.

So this is the power of a true expert…

On the battlefield, sounds of violent explosions rang out ceaselessly. There were constantly some experts who, when they faced with an impossible situation, would choose to detonate their own life force to deal damage to their opponent!

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She was usually low-key, and she followed behind Yi Yun most of the time. She seldom made moves, and she had never shown her prowess.

Eating vinegar in Chinese means getting jealous.

Teng Qingshan stayed quietly in Yi City while he was comprehending the Dao of Water and aiming at entering the cultivation of the Dao of Wood

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When he returned today, he felt a type of unprecedented urgency. His nose turned sour, he wanted to change everything, he didn’t want to see the people at his side leave one after another, die of old age.