Rude words that ill-befit an ordinary face came from the bodyguard as his expression showed first astonishment, and then gave way to rising disappointment.

Lin Ming approached to take a gander. The string on the zither was not Sky Worm Silk, as he had anticipated. After all, Sky Worm Silk was an expensive and rare item. The strings were also especially fierce and tenacious. Someone whose cultivation was too low could easily be wounded trying to play on Sky Worm Silk. The young and fragile flowers of the Zither Department would have no way to use such powerful strings.

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She was exactly Second Prince’s mother.

Seeing Li Biyue gently helped the old lady entering the house, Liu Yi did not know what to say.

The two henchmen seems to never have thought TangTang would suddenly request for a driving coach, but thinking of Yang Chen’s tail swinging moves, they too reveal a little longing. Despite the fact that they have good cars, they aren’t able pull off such cool driving moves.